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Testimonials and Case Studies

Testimonials and
Case Studies

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Ranked #1 On Google For Over 5 Years And Outgrew Their First Shop

I worked with Intuitive Powder Coating when they were just getting started up, and I built out a site for them and did some ongoing SEO on that site.

Fast forward to today, over 5 years later, and they are still one of the top search results for terms like “powder coating shop nj” or “powder coating nj”.

Because of this, they’ve had consistent business coming in over the years and have growth their shop 10x bigger from their early days.

From No Online Presence To 5 Figure Deals With Big Corporate Clients

When I started working with IMP Digital Studios years ago, they pretty much started with no online presence at all. Fast forward, and we’ve worked together on multiple websites, and I’ve been able to get them ranked for competitive search terms around video production services in New Jersey. Because of that, they’ve been able to land a ton of new business, and have been able to bring on bigger corporate clients.

On top of that, we’ve most recently built an entirely new website for their in house recording studio as well. This site is also currently ranking on the first page for search terms like “recording studio paramus NJ” after only a few months.

You can check out the IMP Digital Studios website here –

Or you can check out the IMP Studios website here –

$21,500 Generated From $587.32 In Ad Spend

These results are for multiple different dental practices in multiple different markets agross the United States, and all of the sample sizes are taken from roughly about a month worth of data.

This particular campaign was for dental implants, and one of the practices was able to generated $21,500 in new implace patients on only $587.32 in ad spend.

The campaign put leads through an application process which had them completing a 14 question form to pre-qualify them for the procedure.

Definitely a more high ticket lead generation funnel as a dental implant case usually starts at $5,000 and goes up from there.

“Over the years I have worked with many companies in an attempt to increase new patient referrals. Sorry to say but most of them turned out to be more promises and less performance. That being said, working with Chris Down was a different story. During our time together I received more valid new patient leads than I had been able to achieve in the past. Chris is easy to work with and has a great deal of knowledge. Feel comfortable when it comes to putting your trust with him.”

– Cary Ganz DDS

Marketing Materials and Marketing Strategy For Multinational Flavor And Fragrance Company

Berje Inc is a flavor and fragrance company with their headquarters located in New Jersey. They’ve got multiple other locations all over the world where they manufacture and source their lines of flavors and fragrances.

They brought me in when they were delving into the world of online marketing. We started things off by putting together a marketing video for use on their website as well as at all of their trade shows. On top of that, I consulted on their overall online marketing strategy and helped them get their website and online efforts moving in the right direction.

“Bringing Chris into the fold early was immediately constructive thanks to his ideas and quick execution in planning and developing our marketing initiative. Chris was able to balance the obstacles and find a solution that resulted a truly effective piece of marketing to this day. The success of this campaign along with many of the marketing plans in motion today are thanks to Chris’ consultation and guidance.”

– Andy O’Shea

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