Over the past year or two, the way Google Ads keyword match types work have changed quite a bit. Not too long ago your keyword match types would have your ads showing up for much different search terms compared to the year 2024.

It’s important to understand how Google Ads keyword match types work because it’s key to making sure your campaigns are getting the best quality traffic. Without quality traffic, your campaign can end up having its performance impacted.

So, today I’m going to go through and explain how Google Ads keyword match types work, what types of Google Ads keyword match types you want to use, and much more to make sure that you’re setting your campaign up for success moving forward.

Want to see more content? You can watch this Google Ads match types explanation video and much more over on the YouTube Channel.

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Chris Down
Chris Down

My name is Chris Down, or as some call me – “Downey”. I’m a digital marketing pro with multiple years of experience, and help contracting businesses generate more qualified leads and jobs with predictable lead generation systems.