I’m a big fan of automating different parts of the Google Ads process to save a bit of time, and to get campaigns up and running faster for my clients.

In the past I used to sit there in a spreadsheet, or a document, and put the keyword modifiers on my keywords by hand, but then realized how much time I was wasting doing this.

There are a couple of ways around this, and I talk about them in the video today…

If you’re looking to take a list of keywords, and then apply keyword match types to them in bulk, I love to use the AdWords Wrapper tool.

AdWords Wrapper Tool – https://www.adwordswrapper.com/

Alternatively, if you’ve already got your keywords in your Google Ads account, and you want to change their match types, you can select the keywords you want to change, and then update their match types that way. This method is best for when you’re looking to change keywords to either broad match or exact match.

If you’ve got any other tools that you like to use, make sure to drop them in the comments!

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Chris Down
Chris Down

My name is Chris Down, or as some call me – “Downey”. I’m a digital marketing pro with multiple years of experience, and help contracting businesses generate more qualified leads and jobs with predictable lead generation systems.