Building a negative keyword list for your Google Ads campaign is a vital part of making sure your campaign is getting the highest quality traffic possible. So, today we’re going to go over how to build a negative keyword list for your Google Ads campaign.

Not only will we go over how to find negative keywords, but we’ll go over why negative keywords are important, what negative keywords do, how to add negative keywords to your campaign, and some of my favorite ways to find negative keywords.

Without adding negative keywords to your Google Ads campaign, you’ll find that your ads will end up showing up for a lot of irrelevant traffic.

When your ads are showing up for irrelevant traffic, that means that you’re most likely going to have a lower CTR on your campaign, waste budget, and lower the overall performance of the campaign.

If you implement everything in this video, you’ll have a great negative keyword list that you can start with and then build upon moving forward.

Want to see more content? You can watch this video on how to build a negative keyword list and much more over on the YouTube Channel.

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Chris Down
Chris Down

My name is Chris Down, or as some call me – “Downey”. I’m a digital marketing pro with multiple years of experience, and help contracting businesses generate more qualified leads and jobs with predictable lead generation systems.