In the landscape of auto tinting marketing, there’s always going to be new shiny objects to distract your attention. I know it can be a bit overwhelming when it comes to figuring out where to put your focus to market your auto tinting business.

Today however, I’m not going to give you an endless list of different things you can do to market your business, but instead I’m going to focus on some of the main things I would do to market a window tinting business.

So, if you’re in need of more auto window tinting leads for your business, this post should help to give you a few more ideas you can use to help market your shop.

1) Google Ads

One of my personal favorite auto tinting marketing channels (and my personal specialty) is to leverage Google Ads to market your window tint shop.

While I don’t know that there’s any one strategy that is absolutely the best window tint shop marketing strategy, I think Google Ads is up there as one of the best.

Why Run Auto Tinting Google Ads?

A lot of it comes down to the intent of the leads that you get from the campaign.

When people go to Google, they’re actively searching for what you have to offer. So, you already know they’re at the point in the process where they’re pretty much ready to buy.

Because of that, auto tint leads from Google tend to be higher quality, and as long as your pricing, service, and sales skills are good you’ll be able to close new customers from the platform.

Many of the leads that come from the campaigns are either inbound phone calls, or form fills.

This means that combined with the higher intent, and inbound nature of the leads you’re not going to have to chase people around to try to bring in new customers.

Also, with auto tinting Google Ads, you’re able to create essentially an “on demand” system of bringing in more tint leads for your business.

Google Ads is a pay per click platform, so you are bidding to put an ad in front of people who are searching specific search terms.

By paying to get the traffic, you’re getting that traffic now instead of waiting for a website or Google Business Listing to rank (more on those strategies later on).

As long as you have the budget, and your campaign is set up properly, you’ll be able to get targeted, high intent, local traffic for people searching for your service on day one of launching a campaign

When everything is set up properly, you can create a predictable, reliable, and sustainable source of leads for your business that will keep new customers coming through the doors year round.

auto tinting marketing google ads results

What Are The Downsides Of The Platform?

While I’m biased, and definitely love Google Ads as a marketing strategy, there are absolutely some downsides to the platform.

Cost is most likely going to be prohibitive if you’re just starting out.

Over the years, the cost per click has gone up on the platform, but it’s still very doable for many tint shops.

Google Ads is a platform that I would recommend only if you’ve got at least about $1,000/month to dedicate towards ad spend.

On top of that, it can take a little bit of time to get a campaign optimized and working really well.

While you can absolutely get window tint leads early on in a Google Ads campaign, it does take time to gather data and optimize a campaign.

Because of that, I wouldn’t recommend it if you can’t dedicate at least 90 days to the platform.

Finally, Google Ads can be great… when it’s done right.

It’s very easy to not set up your window tinting Google Ads campaign up properly, and then end up wasting a ton of money in the process.

I’ve audited tons of campaigns over the years, and there are simple things that tend to get overlooked that end up easily wasting people’s money.

When done properly, Google Ads can be a great auto tinting marketing strategy, but when done poorly is essentially like lighting money on fire.

If you want to learn a bit more about running Google Ads, you can check out my other post on running Google Ads for window tinting shops.

2) Rank Your Google Business Listing

If you’ve set up and verified your Google Business Listing, that’s just one part of the process.

Because if you put in the time to actually rank that listing, you’re going to reap the rewards over the long term.

While Google Ads might be one of my favorite ways to market a window tinting business, another strategy that’s up there for auto tinting marketing is to tap into organic traffic.

With Google Ads you’ve got to pay to get in front of that traffic, but if you can get your business listing ranked you’re going to be tapping into that flow of traffic without ads.

Benefits Of Ranking A Google Business Listing

It might not seem like it at first glance, but getting your business listing ranked in Google Maps is one of the most powerful auto tinting marketing strategies you can leverage.

Just like Google Ads, your business will show up when people are searching for your service in your local market.

The result of this is consistent, long term traffic and phone calls from people directly calling you on your maps listing and from visiting your website.

To get the best benefit out of ranking a Google Business Listing, you want to shoot to try to get ranked in the top 3 of your specific market.

auto tinting marketing google maps listings

That doesn’t mean that you won’t get any leads from a maps listing that isn’t ranking in the top 3, but those top 3 listings get a majority of the traffic and phone calls.

A lot of your potential customers who search “window tinting near me” will see those top 3 map results and go ahead and just call those before getting to the other listings.

So, being in one of those top 3 spots would be a huge win for any auto tinting marketing strategy.

Downsides Of Ranking A Google Business Listing

While getting a Google Business Listing ranked would be a huge win for any window tinting shop, the challenge is actually getting there.

If you’re a brand new shop, it’s going to be tough to get ranked there because there’s going to be competitors who have been in business for years and have been able to solidify their spots in the rankings.

They’ve had years to get reviews, post more content on their listings, get backlinks, post photos, and do so much more.

On top of that, if they’ve been in business for a while, Google is going to be more likely to rank an older listing over a newer listing.

Ranking a listing is definitely a long term pursuit.

I always tell my clients that they should think about ranking (and maintaining those rankings), on a year to year basis.

You can definitely make some progress over the course of a handful of months, but to get the number of reviews and traction needed to really rank can take some time.

Don’t let that timeline scare you off though, because if you put in the time over the long term it will help solidify your rankings and help you build a kind of “moat” around your business.

If you’re willing to do the small things over time for your listing, you’ll be able to outrank other  shops and get more of the traffic and leads from the marketplace.

Despite the downsides, this is one of the auto tinting marketing strategies that I always recommend that my clients focus on.

It takes a while, but if you put in the time, you’ll be glad you did.

Need Help Running Google Ads For Your Auto Window Tinting Shop?

3) Rank Your Website

Ranking your website to show up in Google Search is another powerful auto tinting marketing strategy you should leverage for your shop.

Similarly to getting your Google Business Listing ranked, it’s going to take some time to start getting traffic and leads but it’s another great long term strategy.

auto tinting marketing organic traffic screenshot

The key to getting your website ranked on Google is to have plenty of relevant content for the searcher.

So, for your tint shop, you’ll want your website’s homepage to have at least 500-750 words of quality content focusing around your main search keyword of “window tinting [location]”.

Then, you’ll want to have multiple service pages that have content related to the other services you offer.

So, if you’re a shop that offers residential window tinting, commercial window tinting, ppf films, vinyl wrapping, etc, you’re going to want to have pages for each of those services.

On each of those pages, you want to do the same thing as the home page of your website, and have 500-750 words on each of those pages talking about the services.

The more content the better though.

The name of the game when it comes to ranking a website is to have lots of quality content.

Google will tend to favor the websites that have more quality content compared to other websites.

Also, you want to make sure that you incorporate the keyword you’re trying to rank for, and the location you want to rank in into that content.

You pretty much need to spoon feed Google specifically what you want to rank for. So make sure you’re incorporating whatever that keyword is into the content.

So, if you’re trying to rank for a search term like “window tinting seattle”, you need to incorporate that keyword into your content.

There’s so much more that can be said about ranking a website, but the long story short of it is that it’s just another way for your shop to tap into the consistent stream of traffic coming from Google.

I think you can probably see a theme with a lot of the auto tinting marketing strategies that I like.

Google is one of the most powerful marketing tools you can use for your business, and putting a lot of effort into tapping into that traffic is very important for any window tinting shop.

4) Facebook Ads

Similarly to Google ads, running Facebook Ads can be very powerful when it’s done right.

A lot of the time I see businesses who just boost a post, don’t see any results from the boosted post, and then think that Facebook Ads don’t work.

They absolutely can, but you need to run the ads properly and have systems and processes on the back end to turn those leads into sales.

Leveraging Facebook Ads for your window tinting marketing, has some upsides and downsides to it.

On the positive end of things you can reach a pretty wide market for a smaller cost than Google.

Generally, the cost per click on Facebook is going to be much lower than it is on Google. So, you can get more traffic for a cheaper cost.

That usually translates into getting window tinting leads for cheaper on Facebook.

The downside is that, because Facebook is an interruption based ad platform, people aren’t actively searching for what you offer.

So, you’re usually going to find that lead quality can be lower and requires more follow up compared to other platforms like Google.

Because of that, I highly recommend using softwares to help make the follow up process easier.

If you’re the owner of an auto tint shop, following up with 100 or more Facebook leads every month manually can be extremely exhausting.

One tool that I recommend is something like Go High Level. It helps you to automate follow up with form fill leads with things like automated text messages.

When it comes to actually running Facebook Ads, the first thing you need to make sure you’re doing is running your ads through the Facebook Business Manager platform.

That will give you access to all of the different features you’re going to need to make sure you can target your ads properly, and create the different ad types that will be effective.

There’s a handful of things you need to have in place to make Facebook Ad campaigns effective.

Targeting – For local Facebook Ad campaigns, you’re mostly going to leave the targeting more broad. That might sound like the opposite thing you should be doing, but with how Facebook’s algorithm works you want to dial in the demographics and then allow Facebook to find the most relevant audience for you.

Copy – In your ad’s copy, you need to specifically call out who your ad is targeting, and what it is you’re offering. If you just talk about your business, how long you’ve been around, your services, etc, people just won’t care. Call out your audience, and offer them something they’ll actually want.

Offer – Speaking of offer, if your offer isn’t compelling people just won’t be as interested. One of the downsides to Facebook Ads is that it’s an interruption based platform. That means that people aren’t actively seeking your auto tinting services out. So, in order to entice them to actually want to take action, you need to make them a good offer.

Creative – The actual images or videos you use will play a huge role in if people will engage with the ad. Always strive to make it look personal and authentic. When you look like an actual local business, people tend to engage with that type of content more.

Follow Up – One of the biggest challenges with Facebook ads is that you can generate a good number of cost effective leads, but closing them into sales is the challenging part. I recommend using tools like Go High Level, or some kind of automation tool to make following up with leads a much more automated process.

5) Engage With Your Customer List

This one is incredibly simple, but is often overlooked. The best part is that it’s pretty much free.

If you’ve had customers come through your shop, you should have a list of names, phone numbers, and emails of your previous customers.

This marketing strategy is pretty simple – just make those people other offers, or figure out ways to engage with them in some way.

You can spend hundreds of hours getting into the weeds with automation softwares, and all of that type of stuff. As long as you use a software like Go High Level or something similar, you should be fine.

Ideally you just need the capability to send out texts to that list.

The cool thing about engaging with that customer list is that it’s pretty much like tapping into free money for your business.

You can also get incredibly creative with it, and come up with so many different ways to leverage that customer list to bring in more revenue.

Tinting Offers – Even though someone has already had their windows tinted at your shop, you could still make simple offers to past customers. There could be a situation where someone maybe got a new car, has a second car they want to get tinted, or knows someone who wants to get their window tinted. Putting an offer in front of them could be all they need to have either themselves or someone they know take action.

Referrals – Similarly to how a gym might offer you a free month of membership if you refer a friend to their gym, you could do something similar with your shop. If someone sends you a new customer, you can send them an Amazon gift card (or something similar). The best part is that you don’t have to stock up on gift cards to make this happen, just send them out as referrals come in.

Cross Sells – If you’ve got other services that you think would be relevant to your existing base of customers, one of the best ways to market it would be to put it in front of people who have already paid you money. Those services could be things like PPF installation, vinyl wraps, ceramic coating, and much more.

Joint Ventures – Let’s say you have a list, but you don’t actually offer any other services outside of tinting, but your friend offers ceramic coating and PPF installation. You can make an offer to your list, close the sale, and have your friend do the fulfillment while you get a percentage of the sale for making it all happen. The same thing can be said if you’ve got a friend who has a list, but doesn’t offer tinting. They close the sale, and you fulfill the tinting.

Community Events – This one might not be for everyone, but if you’ve got the funds and the list you could get creative and host community events for friends and families of your existing customers. I’ve got friends back in New Jersey with a powder coating shop, and every summer they would host a kind of “customer appreciation BBQ”. Everyone was encouraged to bring along family and friends, and it kind of turned into a small car meet every time they would host an event.

The great thing about this auto tinting marketing strategy is that you can be as creative as you want with it.

Even if it’s as simple as some “thank you” messages to past clients, anything can help.

So many people ignore the massive opportunity of marketing to their existing list, and never send anything.

Stand out from other people in your market and engage with your customer list. You’ll be thankful you did.


Those are just a handful of ways you can market your auto tinting shop. Even if you take just a couple of them and go all in, I’m sure you’ll see success.

If you want to learn a bit more about Google Ads and other marketing strategies, you can check out this other post about running Google Ads for auto tinting shops.

Also, if you’re the owner of a window tinting shop, you can click the button below to apply for a consultation.

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